The Silvia M model has been introduced by the Rancilio group from North America and this is the updated Silvia model that is excellent in terms of efficiency. The thermal wrapper boiler in the espresso machine conserves energy up to 8% in stand-by mode. So far it has been rated as the best home espresso maker by theconsumer report.

The updated model has a new indicator lights and power switches. The green light indicates that the machine is on whereas the orange-yellow light signaling the heating element on.  The best part of this rancilio silver M is that it is POD adaptable, and before this, no other espresso machine has been given this feature. Another uniqueness of this machine is its high resale value. Being available at just $899, the machine secures a perfect resale value. No other machine in the market right now can combat the features at this price range.

A glance over the features

  • New style of drip tray in the new updated model
  • Adjustable expansion valve which means that you can adjust the temperature at any level
  • An attractive group cover in the machine
  • Commercial articulating steam system in the machine with 1 hole for steam tipping
  • A double spot presence of 58 mm  with an ergonomic commercial portafilter
  • Wrapper boiler in the machine for conserving energy.
  • A new powered switch with different indicator lightening system

Also, the Rancilio Silver M best espresso machine comes with a two year warranty. The spare parts and labor service is rendered by the Chris Coffee Service incorporation. Moreover, the machine is also available with the PID controller installed in it. This technology comes directly from the Hi-Tech espresso which made the first Silvia coffee espresso machine in the year 2006.