The Rancilio Silver M

The Silvia M model has been introduced by the Rancilio group from North America and this is the updated Silvia model that is excellent in terms of efficiency. The thermal wrapper boiler in the espresso machine conserves energy up to 8% in stand-by mode. So far it has been rated as the best home espresso maker by theconsumer report.

The updated model has a new indicator lights and power switches. The green light indicates that the machine is on whereas the orange-yellow light signaling the heating element on.  The best part of this rancilio silver M is that it is POD adaptable, and before this, no other espresso machine has been given this feature. Another uniqueness of this machine is its high resale value. Being available at just $899, the machine secures a perfect resale value. No other machine in the market right now can combat the features at this price range.

A glance over the features

  • New style of drip tray in the new updated model
  • Adjustable expansion valve which means that you can adjust the temperature at any level
  • An attractive group cover in the machine
  • Commercial articulating steam system in the machine with 1 hole for steam tipping
  • A double spot presence of 58 mm  with an ergonomic commercial portafilter
  • Wrapper boiler in the machine for conserving energy.
  • A new powered switch with different indicator lightening system

Also, the Rancilio Silver M best espresso machine comes with a two year warranty. The spare parts and labor service is rendered by the Chris Coffee Service incorporation. Moreover, the machine is also available with the PID controller installed in it. This technology comes directly from the Hi-Tech espresso which made the first Silvia coffee espresso machine in the year 2006.

Asus ZX53VW gaming laptop

Asus is a well-known name in the computer electronics industry. It manufactures amazing products that are of mid-range and possess excellent features. It tries to fulfill the demands of its customers and get success by exceeding their expectations. That’s why we have picked one of its amazing gaming laptops to be reviewed in this article. Here is the review of the Asus ZX53VW gaming laptop.


Asus always creates pretty attractive and good-looking laptops. It has maintained its tradition excellently in designing the ZX53VW too. This laptop has a thin, metallic chassis with angled surfaces and has a unique design. It has F-22 stealth fighter-inspired lines on its overall black-colored body, making it more stylish and giving it the appearance of a gaming laptop. Due to its impactful structure, the unit seems very robust and stable. It not only looks sturdy, but it actually is pretty solid.

Moreover, it possesses an excellent keyboard. The entire keyboard along with the touchpad is backlit supported. The backlit function allows users to play their favorite games conveniently in dark situations and helps them recognize the right key quickly. Moreover, the keyboard has a red light built under the key caps, which makes the keys more prominent and easily recognizable in low-lit rooms.

It has a Full HD wide-view display that supports an anti-glare technology. However, the screen is not touch-capable, which is not really a flaw. The elimination of this sort of luxurious features is the main reason that keeps the product’s price at bay, as most devices that have a touch-capable display cost a fortune. The screen of this laptop is coated with a matte finish that provides maximum visibility.

This unit also provides excellent connectivity features. It possesses two USB 3.0 ports, one USB Type-C port, and one USB 2.0 port. Apart from that, it contains Gigabit RJ-45 port, an HDMI output, an 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth adapter, and a media card reader (SD and MMC) along with a DVD burner.


The ZX53VW is an excellent laptop by Asus that is designed for gaming but can be used for various other purposes too. It has a 6th-generation Intel Core processor that helps the device carry out tasks as quickly as possible. The ZX53VW works speedily and doesn’t slow down even if you use multiple heavy software at once. Not just that, but it also delivers an outstanding gaming performance by providing quick refresh and response time and reducing lag issues.

Even though the device sounds perfect to be used for a variety of purposes, it still is not the best when it comes to battery life. Since it is a gaming laptop, it should provide users with a long-lasting battery that can go for hours. But that’s not the case with the ZX53VW. Its battery gets drained quickly during the extended period of heavy gaming sessions. However, the battery life can be improved by doing some small tricks such as by lowering screen brightness, but there should still be a proper solution for it.


  • Excellent overall performance
  • Unique and attractive design
  • High build quality


  • Battery gets exhausted quickly after a gaming session of just a few hours

Picking The Best Gaming Chair

If you believe about it, you’re likely to discover that you’re likely to be sitting in this chair, when using the computer. This kind of chair in the mid price range still supply you with ergonomic designs with a good deal of additional features, this would be the best choice for the ordinary gaming enthusiast. A bean bag chair is frequently a comfortable, handy and affordable choice to the expensive, bulky and frequently fragile game chairs you could be accustomed to. Bean bag gaming chair is one which is more ideal for children.

The main reason is there are many different sorts of chairs out there on the market and they give different alternatives. There are various kinds of chairs which are appropriate for adults. When these chairs aren’t exactly inexpensive, if buying one means being comfortable before your PC, then it’ll be well worth it in the future. They are available in attractive colors. They come in several different designs, all of which offer different features. Be sure that you’ve got a cozy chair you may sit in for hours.

A few of the chairs offer storage pockets also. Gaming chairs aren’t only fit for kids. They are not only the cool hip way to game, but they are also much more comfortable. For that reason, it is vital that you select the best gaming chair. If you do so, you’re going to be able to detect the ideal gaming chair to meet your needs. You may almost dwell in a decent video gaming chair.

Some chairs even arrive with stabilizers for those times you will need stability, as opposed to mobility. This chair may also be put to use as a normal chair that suits your living room. As a way to enjoy these benefits, it is vital that you pick the best chair. Whenever you are mindful of them, it is not hard to select the suitable chair. It is wise to be in the proper chair than to try to utilize it while sitting on the ground. There are a lot of video gaming chairs in the marketplace today, it can be tough to understand how to select a gaming chair that’s going to provide you with the very best video game playing experience.

It’s possible to receive a chair made specifically for driving games. Office chairs are available in all colors. The rocker type chairs are somewhat more acceptable for children above 12 years old. If you sit on a chair which is not appropriate for sitting for a lengthy time in the exact same position, you will develop several aches and pains.

For this price you will receive an adequate video gaming seat with tons of functionality. At first this chair resembles the seat out of your vehicle but it is significantly more than merely a vehicle seat. Thus, the chair will persist for a long moment. In case you are contemplating purchasing a chair for your son or daughter, there are just a few suggestions you need to know to assist you through the process-unless naturally, you’re a gaming enthusiast yourself! The same as with different goods, this chair also has a number of downsides. Game chairs are normally made from plastic, which is something you will always wish to be on the lookout for. Lots of video game rocking chairs also are available in assorted shapes, sizes and colours.